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New breath in an old dream

21 April, 2009

I’m sure by now that everyone has heard the buzz re: Dreamwidth. Yesterday, I won the OpenID lottery and got an invite code.

Big deal, you might say. Well… it is. It’s a place built by dreamers for dreamers, and I have always [for better & worse] been a dreamer. As I do not foresee my dreams dying or fading away fully any time soon, I am going to migrate this account to:

Two Vamps & a Witch

This has been a long time coming. I remember hearing about this concept back in 2007 when LJ began their track record of terrible business [non]sense and atrocious customer service. Then, as things calmed down, the little dream was set aside, but dreams do funny things in the quietness… they wait for the right time and burst forth in glory.

Always, always, follow your dreams.